Thursday, May 10, 2007

May something

OK so i got the new ear rings that i got no care instruction on. So what do i do i take care of them like the others and guess what they hurt like a bit(h and so that had me on the Internet looking up the after care. what do you know the way i was taking care of them was the complete opposite of how you are supposed to. that explains the ear pain.

so i took the advise from the Internet and did it there way and you know what the salt soak that they said would make the piercings feel better WORKED it felt soooooo gooooood almost better then sex. and i said almost!!!!!! Doug did not believe me that is felt so good so we soaked his ears too, he is now a believer!!!

So my ear feel good i could sleep on them they feel so much better, but hey i got 2 months to a year for them to heal kinda wish someone told me that before i got them done.

but on the other side of the fence I went with Doug last night to see Spider Man 3. it was awesome, i would tell more but i don't want to ruin anything for any one else who is going to go see it, which i say you all should.

I think I'm done for now.

peace out!!!!!!!!!!

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Wendy said...

I did my upper ear cartiledge whenI worked at Afterthoughts back in the day. I pierced Squid's too. Anyway, it hurt so bad I had to take out the earring. It didn't hurt getting it done, but sleeping, holy poo poo. Squid ended up taking his out too. Did not know about the salt bath or how long it takes to heal, you are right, that would have been a good piece of advice. By the time we are working together again, maybe yours will be healed. You are coming back right? RIGHT?! I know who isn'

I like yours though, very cool.

We keep trying to get to the theater to see Spidey 3 but life is in the way. We are going this weekend to see it in high of the perks of the big city, cool theaters.