Saturday, October 27, 2007

purple hair ties

ok os going to go see saw 4 tonight, ill let you know if it is any good, got paid, having to go get gas now for my truck. so talk to every one later.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


i think i have a secret admirer at work.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bite not Wait

OK so i started work on Monday, so that is the reason that i have not posted in a while, already doing over time how some what cool is that? but anyway doing good, don't get paid till next week. so got some sucking up to do this coming week.

but i am going to go. I still need to shower, was to tired when i got home last night, or was that really early this morning? anyway i think i will feel better after so going to go do that.

post later, with some pic!


Sunday, October 14, 2007


Am i worth nothing?

I really want to know. cuz for some reason I'm not worth the respect of people, well some person i know. I am so pissed, am i supposed to wait for every one else? I so want to FUCKING SCREAM.

My heart hurts.

worth nothing



OK so life is a box no matter what size you think your box is. There is only 6 sides. well six on the inside and six on the out side but hey no on e really ever deals with the out side. you learn to live and love in the inside. That makes me think that we all are already dead men. just have not realized it yet, making memory's to last us when we do. I want to look back and be damn. But i think that even thou we come into this world alone and leave it alone. we are never truly alone, we have our guides and who believe in us all the time. but that makes me think that i know that we die, really in the end not a big thing for we are all reborn at some point, 20 years 200 years we come back, is right now that point? is right now that death point? i know everything is real because our brain makes it. So when we die are we going to go back to the web? or we going to start over? which in a way is the same both ways.

I really need to stop thinking for a while my brain feels muddled.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hello There!!

Ok so just a quick update. got a new cell phone, verizon incase any one i know has that let me know! but on a darker note haveing alot of computer issues. so if there are days between posts its not that i';m dead just unable and will post when able!!

doing good did ny physical today for my soon to be job!!!!! then out of here! maybe a sleep over when that happens? what does every one say?

going to bed



Sunday, October 07, 2007

define irony

a group of people dancing on a plane to a band made famous for dieing in a plane crash.

I'm doing ok, i feel very lonely but i guess that is my own fault. i wish i had some one here i could talk to who wanted to hang out with me. does that make sence? that is what the title means, i moved to find my self but yet in the process i am lonely becuase i want friends. define irony.

going to go to bed

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Friday, October 05, 2007

new hair

Rock this...

So I did not fall off the side of the world just a lot of crap had happened. None that I really want to talk about. Just crap. You all know what I am talking about!

Tomorrow is that last farmers market. Going to get up early and try and sell. Made new stuff hopefully they like it enough to buy. Buy damn you buy!!!!!! Anyway. On lighter news got my hair cut, got ride of the swan tail. I think it looked better. Just really short compared to a couple of hours ago. But I feel better.
Pictures next. So off to do that!

Lets Rock this!!!


I wish life

I wish life was easy every now and again. But I guess its better that its difficult. To know that in the end you made it. I know that you are born alone and die alone but still the jorney of ones life is up hill. No niceties here, just the truth. I wish I had did things differently at times I wish I trusted easier, love with out hurt, and not expect the worst from every one I don’t know.

My heart hurts. Just in general I feel so alone. It took nearly 4 hours for me to go out last night. God am I back in high school? Had an interview today. I hope they call tomorrow and go do the pee test and start soon, cuz then if all I do is work then I can be out of here in one month, 2 bedroom apartments is only $325. I think that is pretty good since in New Mexico a 2 bedroom is 400. I am thinking about the 3 bedroom, its only 400. Why not right? Going to be making around 2 grand a month.

Ok so I got it. They just called me, and yes I said yes. Drug test tomorrow, then most likely start on Monday. So yea rock that!!!!! I will be getting out a lot faster then I thought. Yeah yeah yeah yeah.!!!!!! So Doug yes you were right my parents are so crazy and not in a fun way. Found out the they have some one following me, and they have “sources” which make me feel non trusted and want to break an entering some place just to see if they find out. Like being in jail but a little worse. Never had to deal with my parent fucking pouting. I don’t understand.? I am so going to be out by the end of the month. Ye ha!!!!!!!!!!! I am so stoked!!!

My mother was like you are going to be able to get out sooner then you thought. She sounds sad but yet in a way relieved. I think they walked around naked and I broke that.

me thursday night