Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Last day of Feburary...

So today is the last day of February. this is just a small reflection of what i wanted to happen and what i got done.

Still working for The Generic Tax Place, and i love it even if i am getting paid less in the long run, but i feel better about my self. I like my clothes in the morning, i get to be girly and i am even thinking about wearing make up. I know a scary thought but i think I'll like once i get the hang of it and it does not take me like a half hour to do. and then having to do the hair, come on how do women do this every morning? And i know how just i don't want to get up 30 min to 45 min earlier.

I fit into old clothes, yeah. I fit my jean jacket better now then when i bought the freakin thing. which is good cuz i got patches to put on it. it will be awesome. and you will look at it in awww and wonder of the coolness. I know getting weird.

My truck is broke, and the car insurance is bull shit, but i guess i have to pay or cancel. most likely cancel, but have on my schedule for the coming week. great more irritating people to deal with. Goodie!!!

Let see i wanted to get something in my home completed, I got the bed room moved around yeah!!! i feel sick from all the dust and other crap that is now in the air. *hack cough cough hack * I got a big tote full of stuff that i can take to good will or La Pinon, its a place for battered women here where i live. I also got some of my living room made up. swapped two book cases and got all the DVDs together, and cleared out the TV stand and now the x-box fits in it, so that worked out well.

Then i moved the cat box so i hope that stops the random cat pissing in my home. cuz it's getting gross. but only on Doug's things which i think is funny.

Got a new CD. I know does not seem that neat i guess but i didn't ask for it and i actually like it which is a first. so Brownie points for Doug.

Up dated my Myspace. I know its a small blogging compared to Blogger but hey even with my blog being on Myspace so i need some one to read about me. So HERE is my link.

I get paid tomorrow night. Feed my cats my left over pizza, and i feel a little oggy. so besides that i think this month is pretty much done.

Peace out and see you next month...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bullshit and I

OK so My car insurance is due today am i going to pay it????? NO I AM NOT! because last month i gave my routing number and account number to them so i would not have to go in and pay. You know one less thing to worry about. But no i get 2 calls yesterday about just a friendly reminder that you owe us money. OK I think to my self they should have already pulled it. So i come to work today and call them about My car payment and about my information that they should have and they tell me that i have to go in. So i do go in out of my work day just to take care of it. I get there and i get the new person so she has to call people. Then they tell me that they need a payment now and then next month they will start to pull money out of my account but this month was the next month. so my guess is that they are trying to get as much money as possible. But i say no, I am not paying it, my truck is out of service anyway, so why have insurance on it if i can;t drive it. my registration should be run out to. most likely my in laws have it and I'll get it in a few months. so glad my day of easy is going crappy....

any way I'm going to take the high road and not tell you the auto insurance company *cough*Fred Loya*cough*

i hope every one a great day.

What I did this weekend.

Well first of all I want to say that this update is for Wendy. She has been telling me to update all morning and she just made a upset sound when she saw that I had not updated yet. For you Wendy.

Where to start Hm mm well i guess over there would be best. On Saturday I was here at work doing nothing but watching Buffy episodes. How fun right? I thought it was fun, it took up most of the day so i had something to do. No one showed up so very bored. but my boyfriend showed up right as we walked out of the door. He thought he was late but i miss told him the time so he would be here only a little late. But after that we went to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. It was good but bad note I had gotten my period so i just wanted to crawl into a hole and cry, a lot. Almost went to a movie The Number 23. But we had a bad filling so we didn't. So we did nothing really, Got home and Doug ended up staying up with our room mate cuz we did not want him to die of alcohol poisoning. Fun night.
Sunday was bull shit, went to town and got food, and really that was it. can't remember if we did do stuff. How sad.
But on Monday I got about one half of my house clean. It was gross and i still feel sick. but it does look better.
Man i need to get some friends......*sad Katie*

Saturday, February 24, 2007

X-23 Now You Know....

Welcome to my class on X-23 and Wolverine.
This is x-23 which means experiment 23. She is the first after 22 fuck ups. After Wolverine awoke from the Weapon X surgery of adamantium alloy that they covered his bones with. He fought his way out of the facility. When the "doctors" that had done the surgery regrouped all the DNA of Wolverine they could come up with and use was for a female. And while X-23 grew up she did not have a lot of contact with the out side world because they wanted a killer, one they thought they were going to get with Wolverine. But with X-23 which was later named Laura Kinney, she had 2 claws in each hand one less then Wolverine but she made up for it with having a claw in each foot, something that Wolverine did not. But in the end X-23 or Laura as she now goes by does meet Wolverine, and does try to kill him. But fails when she confronts herself in him. And in the end she is him and he is her.

You have any questions let me know and i will try to answer it.
I know I'm a dork.

The power of ....? well??? hhmmmm...?

So last night after our room mate told us finally that he had to work today and needed a ride to and from work and i got very angry and upset the plans that my other half and I had made were pretty much shit in the pool. so I started to take some pictures and by the time i was done i have this picture. My Doug is Jesus. look at him hes so cute and mine. Anyway plans still ago now i just wish i knew what we were going to do. damn those little things called plans.
I figure I'll post again today. and if not then see you all Monday, maybe i do have the day off. so the latest is Tuesday.

Friday, February 23, 2007

For Murp!

Being held for ransom.....
You know what to do.....
Wendy has the note for you.....
Hope to hear from you.......

Thursday, February 22, 2007


OK so i did my b/f taxes. i hate taxes. i had to refill out the same file 5 time because when i would hit next it would go please finish filling in line blah-blah. and i would then hit next again and the whole thing would empty and i would have to start over.

man i deserve a cookie or dinner or something.

thank god it's over. at least in my home.


OK so if you want to know more about me i have a myspace. I know I know. but hey i got my blog up on my myspace and now i have my myspace on my blog.

Jesus Camp Scared The Jesus Out Of Me!

Jesus camp is about a group of Christan's that believe that children need to be in gods army. but what happened to people getting free will. I watched this move and just watched the supposed teacher rip apart the children energetic systems so she could put them back together they way she thinks they should be. that is bull shit. if you can not tell by now that i am pagan. I am. so i believe in free will and that there is a greater good in the world i just don't call mine Jesus.

But this woman talks about god and how we should fast but she is like 350 pounds and if any one needs to fast its her. maybe she will have a vision of what she should be doing instead of doing what she thinks she should be. Because she is working the kids as she thinks it should be. Not what the bible says. and just to let you know that warlocks are Satan, and that they are evil as she puts it. So what i belive makes me evil, good that gives me more time to do other things, but warlocks come on, that is not going back to the burning times. Some one has issues.

And i don;t even want to start on the little kids with red tape over there mouths that say life on them. Come on i understand if you are Pro-life or Pro-choice, but don't take away rights of little kids. there kids let them be kids, they have the right to be kids.

Ok so there is my rant. go see the movie it was interesting, done by A&E.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Dear god....Please help the stupid.............

OK i am going to start with a over view just to help the beginners out. My in laws are fucking insane..... and in this: it covers: trying to kill ones self, indecisiveness, unable to make a plan, and stupidity.

The story ensues.
My mother is law has tried to kill her self many a times. and she thinks nothing of it once it is done and she is recovering. Its like a sick day from school for her. and she takes a winter retreat every year to the mental hospital. aw poor her we need to go see her so she will be OK. Fuck that!!!!!!!!!!!!! just kill your self and be done. the first time is taken seriously and after that is a look at me i need attention. And when she gets back home i already know what is going to take place. She is going to get attention for a while she might go to church once or twice, but then she will stay home and talk about how she is disappointing god and how she is a horrible person. she will yell at her son. maybe make a trip to Utah to see the grand kids when they have no money so that will help with the debt. and all the while she will be hot boxing the cigarette smoke she will have made by sitting inside all day smoking. Healthily for every one.

and right now my father in law is coming to get my car that he should have taken this after noon when he knew he need to run to go see her. but no i took it now i get to drive the van home when i don;t like that van and it reeks of cigarette smoke, and when i get the car back it will also smell. yeah i get to get sick from breathing that in.

man some days i think I'm in hell but just knowing that if i say anything to them they think i hate them. maybe i should hate them.

I'm confused and upset. my Brian hurts from the stupidity.....


OK so i just ate a dove chocolate. it was good, i want to eat the rest of the bag. but my ass and thighs say no but my mouth and heart say yes. so anyway the message inside the heart was : Remember your first crush. Well that just ruined my whole day.

better news later.

I hope.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

welcome to my morning

So i wake up normally thinking about how i get a extra hour before work. Yeah for me right? Well i was wrong i got out to my truck and started it up the engine made a popping sound goodie for me! so i walk over to my in laws house to get butch. he comes out fixes the vacuum hose and yeah i think to my self. so i pull out of the drive way and head off to work. nope does not happen i get up and out of the off ramp and the engine makes this very loud and grinding sound. Aw Fuck is all i could think of and the fact of i have to walk home. so I'm about a mile away from home on the side of the interstate, I start to walk home, this truck stops "great can i meet a creepy guy today?" he ends up being a preacher for a church "OK so he is just a little creep" but i get to use his phone and call butch and he comes to get me. they both talk awhile and i thank him for his kindness. which i thought that kind of kindness was dead.

so we get to the truck and butch listens to the engine which sounds fine. i continue to tell him something is wrong. so he fallows me in his van and i drive about 300 yards and i pull off again cuz something is not right. so he has me fallow him with me in his van and him in my truck and he runs it fine. but he is doing it just to amuse me. but something is wrong. he thinks it is my transmission fluid is low, OK so we go and get more fluid and put it in, still runs funny. Its making me nervous, so he tells me to see how it runs, still jerks some and make me nervous.

so i called my mom about seeing if she thought if my grand mother would give me a loan to fix my truck or to get a new *used* truck. but she said no. that bummed me out. so some what upset about that. I want to cry because i feel like i can't find which way is forward. and i had the urge to cut myself but i have been safe for like 4 years and i don't want to back peddle now. so i am resisting that urge.

any way i might give some one a call tomorrow for a ride.

peace out and see you on the fucking flip side!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The right way to come home!!!!

Two married friends are out drinking one night, when one turns to the other and says, "You know, I don't know what else to do. Whenever I go home after we've been out drinking, I turn the headlights off before I get to the driveway. shut off the engine and coast into the garage. Take my shoes off before I go into the house, I sneak up the stairs, get undressed in the bathroom, stick my foot in the toilet and pee down my leg to prevent splashing sounds. I ease into bed and my wife STILL Wakes Up, and Yells at me for staying out so late! "His friend looks at him and says "Well, you're obviously taking the wrong approach. I screech into the driveway, slam the door, storm up the steps, pee hard into the toilet water, then use the full flush, throw my shoes in the closet, undress in the bedroom, then jump into bed, slap her on the ass and say!, WHO'S HORNY????!!!" and she acts like she's sound asleep! Works Every Time!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

This is my B/F, and my lovely boobs.

I hope every one has a good day if you have some one or not. Just remember love thy self....

That don't sound right.

All My Cute Kittys.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


This is my beuatiful dog!

I love her so much!

This is another one from Halloween. Guess what! When this picture was taken I was the only one standing there. Creepy huh?
Am I not the Sexest thing you have ever seen?

I know you can't see that well but let me tell you its me and I am a cutie. Got first place with this picture.

Me on Halloween last year *2006* at my home when no one showed up for my ^well me and my b/f ^ party. very sad. I'm looking at the fire we had.

Monday, February 12, 2007

My History

To help others out i will try to use spell check... but i think the miss spelling of every thing helps you understand my mood, and help make you as confused as I am... just to help you out.

but right now in my life i am working in tax prep. I will be starting school again in august. Right after my trip up to Iowa my grand mother is having her 80Th b-day party I think. SO looking forward to seeing my family *yeah*. I miss them a lot and my niece always want to talk with me and she should be 6 1/2 at that time. It will be fun to talk with her and find out her thoughts on things.

Now i live in a trailer with my husband that is my boyfriend of 4 years. I have lived in New Mexico for 4 years. How I moved here is a long story and I'll wait till the anniversary of that date and then I'll tell you about it. Nah I'll tell you about it now... I moved down to El Paso, TX on Nov. 1st 2003. met my b/f on the 8Th of Nov. 2003, moved in with him February 4Th 2004. to explain how that happened so fast here is the insight. My aunt thought i should have a job or be in school by the first of the year. which is fine but when i moved down i had no money, no car, and was starting over and if i did get to use one of their cars there was no gas in them *i had no money for gas* so going and looking for a job or getting to the college was difficult to say the least. I ended up getting a job thou my b/f in Las Cruces. So when i came home to get clothing i found my stuff clothing, Cd's, movies, and my cat all boxed up and into his home i went.

Here I am Today. When the topic is brought up she acts like it never happened. doesn't understand why i am upset with her. But i have always been a good actress, so the play with her i go.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

OK so i lied...

Last night i was supposed to get some i was wrong, it was a horrable accident in the joining of persona's

i'm upset and feel alittle unwanted. so that is bad i feel a whole lot unwanted. and like i'm ugly to my other. i don't understand but the trying to get some and the converstaion of what are feeling when i'm lieing there naked. come on. upsetting.

ok so i son't want to think about that right now but man i feel like crap

Friday, February 09, 2007

ok enough is enough.....

ok i am going to get some if it killes him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

at least naw that don't sound right.

well going home now.

talk with all the peeps tommarrow.

lion, tigers, and Breast! Oh My...

ok so this blog will be all over the place just to warn you of any falling objects. please wear hard hat!!!!!. ok with that out of the way we will start with the fact i am wearing a shirt today i have not been able to fit in like for 2 years. yeah for boobies. cuz mine are out there today.

went to run and get lunch today, thinking it will take like 30 min to get there and back with the food. nope no happening no likey!! took twice that long and it felt like i was in the car for like ever and no where to stop to pee. thought i was going cross crounty, should have stoped to see my mother in iowa when i passed throu. then the food was cood and not even what i wanted in the end.

And then Murp! is like yelling at me about a cow puppet, well when i find it i might give it to you just becuase you yelled!!!! and just trust me there will be blogs about the others, yes there will be blogs.

I went on a shopping spree today to an extent, I got my needed year to day book *can't think of the title*, and some bath and body smell good stuff. I feel pretty oh so pretty i feel pretty and gitty and gay (well not gay as into girls but gay as in happy). English language explaintion later.

So when i get home there is going to be the start of the cleansing of the home. first is picking up of garbge, and getting rid of crap we don't need, then reorganizing, and finaly the bone fire!!!!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Inner Complants And Sex

Ok so not quite sure where to start???? ok right now i am at work with nothing to do, that is not the bad part its the fact that i get to hear my co-worker and stuff i don't want to know about. make me gag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok so i have a page on myspace, and i'm looking at pictures and i want my on personal photographer to fallow me around to take fun and cute pics of me. maybe i'll get doug to take them later i think that could be fun then after that of me feeling very sexy we could have lots and lots of sex. That sounds like a plan to me.

ok back to being upset and anoyed. what the f#ck man, today is just a long g0d damn day. ready for it to be over but i still get to go home and deal with that shit, too. One day i'll describe my house for every one. but for now here is a little exerp: there are 5 non- working cars and a boat that has not seen water in like 10 years, and don't forget about the pile of lumber that is in the back yard and has been in the weather so it is all worped and cruved.

ok this is not making me feel any better just more stuck and like i can't move forward cuz the crap i am in won't let go.

night i think

Right where my anus is....

can you guess where this blog is going????? hhhhhhmmmmmm??? can you? I bet you can't!!!!!!

I riped a whole in my pants at work. and it would not be a big deal but these pants are the only pair i have that i fit.......

*unhappy* face.....

I could buy more or fix these but both are work and new pants don't feel as nice as old wornin pants.

well pooh....

bAd dAy...

ok so this is how my day is going, if you want to read this all the while thinking about how i feel dorry for my self you can just close the window now. I just want to express my bad luck today. I got up late, and forgot to turn on the dryer so that was an extra 45 min this morning. then got to have stupid people driving in las cruces, so i get to the back late i'm hungry at this point but i need to get this done carrying 1,200 dollar makes me nervous. so that is done and its like 12:35pm. get out of the parking lot and i become and idiot. i make the bad turn every time. if i want to go right i turn left, i end up taking the longest posible way thru town to get to work. I get there late and still have not eaten. so i stop and get Burger Time and they screw up my order. so i get to pick thru there screw up and a few donute that i had to remind them that i had bought. then i'm at work in new shoes and my stuff is in my car and i don't want to walk out there cuz my feet hurt. i'm a baby about some things.

man i need a hug and maybe a day off. Then there is a amber bock at home that is waiting for me so calmly. Man were is AA when you need it. *joking*

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I think there will be a battle.

Ok so I have been ask about a Boob off, or a boob-a-thon, by murp.

So i guess i am asking a universal question here!!!

I neeed votes for or against the boob off!!!!!

recovering post

Ok the first thing i need to say is that this font makes me feel like i'm typing for a news paper, The dead body was found under newspaper, ok done with that got that out of my system. most likly for the best 'right' don't want to be to weird or creepy this early in the day. most people i know really would not be that surprized.

Soooo. I had just writin this long post that most people would not want to read cuz of the boring topic but i lost it that just was just a complete waste of my time. which really isn't that big of a deal for i have nothing to do here at work. but come on that just plan sucked.

But for those who want to know what i was going to blog about here is a quick over view=

  • listes for my home, getting tax money back gotta figure out what to do with it.
  • gotta figure out what to do with spirtuality, i'm stagnet need to fix that.
  • new car?
  • trip in aug.
  • and trip to disney land?

man i think my plate is kinda full right now i think i might just throw this one away and get a new one from the dollar tree.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

ok so yeah.

ok i just looked throu my freind's wendy's blog and i saw boobs. not bad in all the boobs i have seen in my day. and i have seen alot. not by my choice but i will clame some. hey i am just lucky in the fact the women feel safe with me to show me there breasts. i should be proud but i have seen some really bad ones, you seen ones with the nipple on the top like eyes there really creepy. and i was a CNA at a nursing home for the elderly so some of those were not prime. plus after you wash a dead body your rating of creepy and weird and gross becomes different, very different.

so any way wendy just let me know that mister stocky man is comeing over so i get to meet him this should be interesting. and to clarify about how you become mister stocky guy you call some place and ask when will so and so be off work, and its like um yeah if you come by at 7:54 pm you can get the jump on her and if you wait just 2 more min she takes like 45 sec to get her keys out that will be the most perfect time to stab her. good luck to ya she quick.......

blog descripition?

HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM???? What should i write in my description? do i tell the truth or lie? should i be like I love everybody and i get along with everybody. and i have no cares in the world. or be a real person? I work my husband works, our best friend lives with us. we got 7 cats total. a spidar rose hair, rose boa, and two rats. we got rent and all the other bills. but no tv, we are weird like that.

you talk funny!

I was just told that i talk funny, draw out my words, and make funny sounds. just becuase i'm from iowa, and have a mid-westurn accsent and a problem spelling some times i think i'm just fine. i just think that the more; my words sound funny the more fun or the angryer i'm getting. It's far to have some kind of warning system. oh my god she's sluring her words take cover!!!!!!