Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bullshit and I

OK so My car insurance is due today am i going to pay it????? NO I AM NOT! because last month i gave my routing number and account number to them so i would not have to go in and pay. You know one less thing to worry about. But no i get 2 calls yesterday about just a friendly reminder that you owe us money. OK I think to my self they should have already pulled it. So i come to work today and call them about My car payment and about my information that they should have and they tell me that i have to go in. So i do go in out of my work day just to take care of it. I get there and i get the new person so she has to call people. Then they tell me that they need a payment now and then next month they will start to pull money out of my account but this month was the next month. so my guess is that they are trying to get as much money as possible. But i say no, I am not paying it, my truck is out of service anyway, so why have insurance on it if i can;t drive it. my registration should be run out to. most likely my in laws have it and I'll get it in a few months. so glad my day of easy is going crappy....

any way I'm going to take the high road and not tell you the auto insurance company *cough*Fred Loya*cough*

i hope every one a great day.

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Still just me said...

I used to sell car insurance, and unfortuntaly if you do not pay it, this is what could happen:

1. Insurance companines report to credit agencies, it will affect your credit score and make it harder to insure your car in the future.

2. You will have a higher rate next time you insure because you went a period of time without it.

3. They will continue to bill you for the missed payment anyway, sometimes with interest.

Insurance companies are crooked, the reason I no longer sell it. You could pay the month they are telling you is due, then get it waived for the next month because your car is "broken down".