Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Last day of Feburary...

So today is the last day of February. this is just a small reflection of what i wanted to happen and what i got done.

Still working for The Generic Tax Place, and i love it even if i am getting paid less in the long run, but i feel better about my self. I like my clothes in the morning, i get to be girly and i am even thinking about wearing make up. I know a scary thought but i think I'll like once i get the hang of it and it does not take me like a half hour to do. and then having to do the hair, come on how do women do this every morning? And i know how just i don't want to get up 30 min to 45 min earlier.

I fit into old clothes, yeah. I fit my jean jacket better now then when i bought the freakin thing. which is good cuz i got patches to put on it. it will be awesome. and you will look at it in awww and wonder of the coolness. I know getting weird.

My truck is broke, and the car insurance is bull shit, but i guess i have to pay or cancel. most likely cancel, but have on my schedule for the coming week. great more irritating people to deal with. Goodie!!!

Let see i wanted to get something in my home completed, I got the bed room moved around yeah!!! i feel sick from all the dust and other crap that is now in the air. *hack cough cough hack * I got a big tote full of stuff that i can take to good will or La Pinon, its a place for battered women here where i live. I also got some of my living room made up. swapped two book cases and got all the DVDs together, and cleared out the TV stand and now the x-box fits in it, so that worked out well.

Then i moved the cat box so i hope that stops the random cat pissing in my home. cuz it's getting gross. but only on Doug's things which i think is funny.

Got a new CD. I know does not seem that neat i guess but i didn't ask for it and i actually like it which is a first. so Brownie points for Doug.

Up dated my Myspace. I know its a small blogging compared to Blogger but hey even with my blog being on Myspace so i need some one to read about me. So HERE is my link.

I get paid tomorrow night. Feed my cats my left over pizza, and i feel a little oggy. so besides that i think this month is pretty much done.

Peace out and see you next month...


inkedweezel said...

The link didn't show.

Murp! said...

It made me laugh, too!

My name is Batty, Batty Koda! said...

sorry i'll try the link again.

Wendy said...

I'm glad you like it at this "generic tax place" lol!

You are getting a little girly I have to say. And, you bought mascara! i think it is good and fun. It's fun being a girl, it makes that whole menstuation thing worthwhile!