Saturday, February 10, 2007

OK so i lied...

Last night i was supposed to get some i was wrong, it was a horrable accident in the joining of persona's

i'm upset and feel alittle unwanted. so that is bad i feel a whole lot unwanted. and like i'm ugly to my other. i don't understand but the trying to get some and the converstaion of what are feeling when i'm lieing there naked. come on. upsetting.

ok so i son't want to think about that right now but man i feel like crap


Dan-O said...

This is like reading Sandscritt but I am keeping up with it. No need to feel this way, there are are always times of bad timing, not everything can work out just right. Maybe next time, keep your chin up, you'll get some.

Wendy said...

I totally figured out why you were upset! I had to read your blog to get it but I do.

You are all cute and skinny and feeling cute and thinking okay let's do "it" and then he just talks instead of attacking you. I get it.


Murp! said...

Sounds like this guy needs to get Murp!slapped upside the head! You meet all three of my prerequisites for my dating criteria: Two tits, hole, and heartbeat.

(The last one is optional, btw...)