Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jesus Camp Scared The Jesus Out Of Me!

Jesus camp is about a group of Christan's that believe that children need to be in gods army. but what happened to people getting free will. I watched this move and just watched the supposed teacher rip apart the children energetic systems so she could put them back together they way she thinks they should be. that is bull shit. if you can not tell by now that i am pagan. I am. so i believe in free will and that there is a greater good in the world i just don't call mine Jesus.

But this woman talks about god and how we should fast but she is like 350 pounds and if any one needs to fast its her. maybe she will have a vision of what she should be doing instead of doing what she thinks she should be. Because she is working the kids as she thinks it should be. Not what the bible says. and just to let you know that warlocks are Satan, and that they are evil as she puts it. So what i belive makes me evil, good that gives me more time to do other things, but warlocks come on, that is not going back to the burning times. Some one has issues.

And i don;t even want to start on the little kids with red tape over there mouths that say life on them. Come on i understand if you are Pro-life or Pro-choice, but don't take away rights of little kids. there kids let them be kids, they have the right to be kids.

Ok so there is my rant. go see the movie it was interesting, done by A&E.

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