Monday, December 31, 2007

HAppy New Year!!!

Ok i just wanted to let every one know that i am ok!!!! I start my second job on wednesday!!!!! yeah more income!!!!!

But also to wish every one a great new year!!! and if you want to talk to me send me an e-mail cuz i can get those but it is hard for me to get here. i am going to try harder but i promise nothing!!!!

Much love

Monday, December 17, 2007

My place

living room
extra bed room

My bed room, with my brand new bed set

Thursday, December 13, 2007

About me i guess

[Marital Status]
single and looking

[Shoe size]
8 i think

[Parents still together]

one brother, john

my cat, Squiggles


any color, lime green


my cat

liquid cocaine


none right now.



[Color your hair?]

[Twirl your hair?]
can now

[Have tattoos?]

[Have Piercings?]
i think it is up to 13 now.

[Cheat on tests/homework?]


[Like roller coasters?]
some of them

[Wish you could live somewhere else?]
Ireland, Australia

[Want more piercings?]

[Like cleaning?]
some of the time

[Write in cursive or print?]

[Own a web cam?]

[Know how to drive?]
do i?

[Own a cell phone?]
yep i do

[Ever get off the damn computer?]
only to sleep, or have to be at work


[Been in a fist fight?]

[Considered a life of crime?]
can't say that i have, sorry

[Considered being a hooker?]

[Lied to someone?]
of course

[Been in love?]

[Made out with JUST a friend?]

[Been in lust?]

[Used someone]

[Been used?]

[Been cheated on?]

[Kicked someone in the nuts?]
not with pre-planning

[Stolen anything?]
clepto when i was younger

[Held a gun]


[Current clothing]
wet snow clothes

[Current mood]

[Current taste]

[What you currently smell like]

[Current hair]
long and shaggy

[Current thing I ought to be doing]

[Current CD in stereo]

[Last book you read]
i don't know

[Last movie you saw]
Fast and the Furious

[Last thing you ate]
mac and cheese

[Last person you talked to on the phone]

[Do drugs?]
oh yeah all the time (SARCASM)

[Believe there is life on other planets?]
of course

Remember your first love?]
yes, and i still think of him from time to time

[Still love him/her?]
in a way, but I'll never hate him

[Read the newspaper?]
comics all the way, and the puzzles, and every now and again I'll catch something with sports

[Have any gay or lesbian friends?]

[Believe in miracles?]
uh huh

[Do well in school?]
did yeah

[Wear hats]
only my hat when its cold outside, have to keep my earsies warm

[Hate yourself?]

[Have an obsession?]
yes, mirrors

[Collect anything?]
glass ware

[Have a best friend?]
yeah, i think

[Close friends?]
uh huh

[Like your handwriting?]

[Care about looks]
somewhat, public appearance for sure


[First crush]
in high school

[First kiss]

[Do you believe in love at first sight?]
it CAN happen

[Do you believe in "the one?"]

[Are you a tease?]
Ive been called that before

[Too shy to make the first move?]
yeah, (SARCASM)




let me think about that one, does that answer your question

the halo is...

...supported by my horns

oh yeah

uh huh

Sunday, December 09, 2007

pass the time, no # 5, or 97

1. Made out for more than 3 minutes?
probably so

2. Slept in a different bed?
oh yeah

3. Made out in a movie theatre?
yes, more then that too.

4. Made out with 2 different people in one night?

6. Been in love?

7. Slept in?
every time i can!

8. Taken a shower with the opposite sex?

9. Gone over the speed limit?
uh, yeah.

10. Painted your room?

11. Drove a car?
that's how i live

12. Danced in front of your mirror?
if you can call it dancing

13. Gotten a hickey?

14. Been dumped?

15. Stolen money from a friend?
nope, father yes

16. Gotten in a car with people you just met?
a few times, yes

17. Been in a fist fight?

18. Snuck out of your house?

19. Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back?
oh yeah

20. Been arrested?
no. but almost

21. Made out with a stranger?
define stranger?

22. Left your house with out telling your parents?

23. Had a crush on your neighbor?
not to my knowledge

24. Ditched school to do something more fun?
yeah, the grounding was worth it.

25. Slept in a bed with a member of the same or opposite sex?
yeah, dog pile!

26. Seen someone die?

27. Been on a plane?
many a time

28. Kissed a picture?

29. Slept in until 3?

30. Love someone or miss someone right now?

31. Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by?
yeah, it was pretty interesting

32. Made a snow angel?
yeah, but they never came out looking very good

33. Played dress up?
not as much as most little girls.

34. Cheated while playing a game?
yeah, guilty monopoly

35. Been lonely?
fuck yeah.

36. Fallen asleep at work/school?

37. Gotten Drunk.

38. Felt an earthquake?

39. Touched a snake?
yes, they're cool!

40. Ran a red light?
yep nearly died on Friday

41. Been suspended from school?
kind of, it was in school suspension lol

42. Had detention?
yeah i think i still have some left.

43. Been in a car?
well yeah

44. Hated the way you look?

45. Witnessed a crime?
a few,

46. Been lost?
yeah, in many ways

47. Been to the opposite side of the country?

48. Felt like dying from embarrassment?
multiple times

49. Cried yourself to sleep?
let's not talk about that today

50. Sang karaoke?

51. Done something you told yourself you wouldn't do?
plenty of times

52. Laughed till some kind of beverage came out of your nose?
yep even my eyes

53. Caught a snowflake on your tongue?
yes, and it was good :)

54. Kissed in the rain?

55. Sung in the shower?

56. Had a dream that you married someone?
not that i can recall

57. Played getting married?

58. Got your tongue stuck to a flag pole?

59. Ever gone to school partially nude?

60. Been a.... a hoe?

61. Sat on a roof top?

62. Didn't take a shower for a week?
2 days

63. Ever been too scared to watch scary movies alone?
yes lol

64. Played chicken?

65. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?

66. Been told you're hot by a complete stranger?

67. Broken a bone?
no, and i hope i never do

68. Been easily amused?
all the time lol

69. Laugh so hard you cry?

70. Cheated on a test?
oh yes

71. Forgotten someones name?

72. Blacked out from drinking?

73. Played a prank on someone?
yes, a few times

74. Gone to a late night movie?
what's considered late-night?

75. Made love to anything not human?
hahahaha nope

76. Failed a class?
now that i think of it, more than twice.

77. Choked on something you're not supposed to eat?

78. Played an instrument for more than 10 hours?

79. Cheated on a girlfriend/boyfriend?

80. Did you celebrate the 4Th of July?

81. Thrown strange objects?

82. Felt like someone?

83. Thought about running away?

84. Ran away?

85. Had detention and not attend it?

86. Made parents cry?

87. Cried over someone?

88. Owned more than 5 sharpies?

89. Dated someone more than once?

90. Have a dog?

91. Own an instrument?

92. Been in a band?
no i wish

93. Drank 25 sodas in a day?

94. Broken a cd?

95. Shot a gun?
paint ball

96. Been on myspace for more than 5 hours?
not just on myspace. i could be online that long

98. Have a major crush on someone right now?
mmm. every thing's mixed up, i don't know.

99. Have a religion?
higher beings are lovely, lots of different things

100. Thought about what people would say at your funeral?
once or twice.


Starting Time:
2:36 pm




Eye Color:
blue- grey


What are you wearing rite now:
Sweatshirt and t-shirt, ow yeah pants

Favorite number:

Favorite drink:
liking tea at the moment
pretty much anything but beer

Favorite Month:
? October

***********Have You Ever*****************Gone

yes failed badly

Bungee jumped:
not yet

Made yourself throw up:

Gone skinny dipping:
Yes, few times!

Broken a bone:

Been in a police car:
um... yeah

Rode in a plane:
Yes several times

Came close to dying:
Not really

Broken someones heart:
Don't know about broken but...

Cried when someone died:

Fell off your chair:
Sadly more than once

Saved e-mails:
Lord yes, more due to procrastination than anything

Been cheated on?

***********What is****************

Your room color?

Next door?

Whats right behind you:
the chair

Whats the last thing you ate?

--------------------------Ever Had- -------------------------------

Chicken pox:
yes, more then once


---------------------Do You------------------------------------

Believe in love at first sight:
lust most likely, love takes time

Like picnics?
yes, but never get to go

Like School:
I do I'm a nerd


Who was the last person you called:

Who was the last person you danced with?


Did you last yell at?

Do you like filling these out:
It's a love hate relationship

Do u like yourself:
I try to

--------------------Final Questions---------------------------

What are you listening to right now?
The t.v.

Hated someone in your family:
Hate is so strong a word and family is so complex, been very upset with? yes

Where do you want to get married:
Outside under the moon i think

Good driver:
is it snowing?

Good singer:

Diamonds or pearls:
Eh... depends

Outdoors or indoors:
if it's nice outdoors

----------------------------Today did you------------------------------

Talk to someone you like:

Buy something:

Get sick?

Yes, often at work

Talked to an ex:?

Miss someone:
yes, as much as I try not to

------------------------Last person who---------------------------

was in your bed:

Saw you cry:
Saw it?

Made you cry:

You went to the movies with?

You went to the shopping center with?
R. along time ago

Have you ever starved yourself?
i guess if I'm sot hungry

Are you the youngest in your family?

Whats your favorite sport?
Football I guess

Relationship status:
single and Confused

Ever been in a fight with your pet?
no i left her in New Mexico, i miss her

Been to Mexico:
Not yet

Been to Canada?

Been to Africa:
Not yet

Been to Australia?


What books are you reading right now?

Future kids names:
worry about that later

What's under your bed?

Favorite sport to watch:

Favorite location?
to many

ear, 6 tattoo

What are you most afraid of right now?
Never finding my place in the world or the feeling that I'm where I'm supposed to be

Who do you really hate:
Actually I try not to hate

Ever liked someone you didn't have a chance with?
Hasn't everyone

Are you lonely?

Have you ever played strip poker:

What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
eyes, lips, hands

time Finished:
2:57 pm

Monday, December 03, 2007


OK so on Saturday the 1st of December, we had a bad snow storm and yours truly was out and about. And all ready to be in and out of the ditch. so here are the pictures of my adventure.
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Thursday, November 29, 2007

I am not Dead Yet!

OK so i get my own place tomorrow, or later today depending on how you look at the time!!!

Will be posting pics soon.

changed my hair again, and of the new place.

just letting you know all is well.


Monday, November 19, 2007

About Me....? yep

What kind of Pagan are you?
created with
You scored as Shamanic Pagan

A shamanic pagan's roots are generally found in Native American faith. A true love and respect for the earth and all that it yields is central to their faith. Wisdom is most often found in spirit guides or totems, who can be animals, ancestors, or spirits. Pagans who follow this path tend to be far more aware of the delicate web that interweaves the lives of every person and thus move within that web accordingly. They're usually deeply insightful, friendly, loving people and excellent friends and parents. Mysterious and strong, as well, they are often the protectors of their friends and family as well as the moral compass for their friends and loved ones.

Shamanic Pagan


Ecclectic Pagan


Egyptian Pantheonic Pagan


Celtic Pantheonic Pagan


Zoroastrian Pagan


Greek Pantheonic Pagan


Sumerian, Babylonian, and Mesopotamian Pagans


Roman Pantheonic Pagan


Eastern Pagan


Kabbalistic Pagan


Norse Pantheonic Pagan (Asatru)


Catholic (Pagan?)


Monday, November 12, 2007

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Saturday, October 27, 2007

purple hair ties

ok os going to go see saw 4 tonight, ill let you know if it is any good, got paid, having to go get gas now for my truck. so talk to every one later.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


i think i have a secret admirer at work.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bite not Wait

OK so i started work on Monday, so that is the reason that i have not posted in a while, already doing over time how some what cool is that? but anyway doing good, don't get paid till next week. so got some sucking up to do this coming week.

but i am going to go. I still need to shower, was to tired when i got home last night, or was that really early this morning? anyway i think i will feel better after so going to go do that.

post later, with some pic!


Sunday, October 14, 2007


Am i worth nothing?

I really want to know. cuz for some reason I'm not worth the respect of people, well some person i know. I am so pissed, am i supposed to wait for every one else? I so want to FUCKING SCREAM.

My heart hurts.

worth nothing



OK so life is a box no matter what size you think your box is. There is only 6 sides. well six on the inside and six on the out side but hey no on e really ever deals with the out side. you learn to live and love in the inside. That makes me think that we all are already dead men. just have not realized it yet, making memory's to last us when we do. I want to look back and be damn. But i think that even thou we come into this world alone and leave it alone. we are never truly alone, we have our guides and who believe in us all the time. but that makes me think that i know that we die, really in the end not a big thing for we are all reborn at some point, 20 years 200 years we come back, is right now that point? is right now that death point? i know everything is real because our brain makes it. So when we die are we going to go back to the web? or we going to start over? which in a way is the same both ways.

I really need to stop thinking for a while my brain feels muddled.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hello There!!

Ok so just a quick update. got a new cell phone, verizon incase any one i know has that let me know! but on a darker note haveing alot of computer issues. so if there are days between posts its not that i';m dead just unable and will post when able!!

doing good did ny physical today for my soon to be job!!!!! then out of here! maybe a sleep over when that happens? what does every one say?

going to bed



Sunday, October 07, 2007

define irony

a group of people dancing on a plane to a band made famous for dieing in a plane crash.

I'm doing ok, i feel very lonely but i guess that is my own fault. i wish i had some one here i could talk to who wanted to hang out with me. does that make sence? that is what the title means, i moved to find my self but yet in the process i am lonely becuase i want friends. define irony.

going to go to bed

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Friday, October 05, 2007

new hair

Rock this...

So I did not fall off the side of the world just a lot of crap had happened. None that I really want to talk about. Just crap. You all know what I am talking about!

Tomorrow is that last farmers market. Going to get up early and try and sell. Made new stuff hopefully they like it enough to buy. Buy damn you buy!!!!!! Anyway. On lighter news got my hair cut, got ride of the swan tail. I think it looked better. Just really short compared to a couple of hours ago. But I feel better.
Pictures next. So off to do that!

Lets Rock this!!!


I wish life

I wish life was easy every now and again. But I guess its better that its difficult. To know that in the end you made it. I know that you are born alone and die alone but still the jorney of ones life is up hill. No niceties here, just the truth. I wish I had did things differently at times I wish I trusted easier, love with out hurt, and not expect the worst from every one I don’t know.

My heart hurts. Just in general I feel so alone. It took nearly 4 hours for me to go out last night. God am I back in high school? Had an interview today. I hope they call tomorrow and go do the pee test and start soon, cuz then if all I do is work then I can be out of here in one month, 2 bedroom apartments is only $325. I think that is pretty good since in New Mexico a 2 bedroom is 400. I am thinking about the 3 bedroom, its only 400. Why not right? Going to be making around 2 grand a month.

Ok so I got it. They just called me, and yes I said yes. Drug test tomorrow, then most likely start on Monday. So yea rock that!!!!! I will be getting out a lot faster then I thought. Yeah yeah yeah yeah.!!!!!! So Doug yes you were right my parents are so crazy and not in a fun way. Found out the they have some one following me, and they have “sources” which make me feel non trusted and want to break an entering some place just to see if they find out. Like being in jail but a little worse. Never had to deal with my parent fucking pouting. I don’t understand.? I am so going to be out by the end of the month. Ye ha!!!!!!!!!!! I am so stoked!!!

My mother was like you are going to be able to get out sooner then you thought. She sounds sad but yet in a way relieved. I think they walked around naked and I broke that.

me thursday night

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Think about me

Ok so its been a few days but no i did not die. just not really a reason to type. I 've been in Iowa for around 5 day, had a birthday and thank you every one that wished me a good one. you bitches rock!!!!!

anyway going to go see a movie not sure which one yet. for we as in Iowa is under a tornado warning, yeah!

I went to the historical association annual fall fling today. i had alot of fun, made a basket. I'll put pics up later. i thought it was pretty neat.

doing OK, bored. had an interview on Friday and another this coming 3rd. i hope i get it. wish me luck. i need a job its hard to be here with my parents. pity for me. but then if i get the job then i can get the hell out!!!

anyway got to go. close to time to temp the weather and get to my movie.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy birthday to me

so my birthday is today the 27th. sorry i have not been on just alot of altogether crap to deal with.

sad about today, wanted to do more but hey when you don't know people prety hard.

I'm 24 so almost a 1/4 of the way there.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

English muffins and diet pills

don't ask about the title it just came to mind.

Just remember that:


going to go cry.


Friday, September 14, 2007

Ice Tea and Hummas

So I'm here by myself which was kinda hard to do. I am eating by myself and it is nice. I'm having Hummus and a tall Ice Tea. It is so good sense with it being 102 out. anyway, my rant is back up, fuck what others think if its bad. I'll take your complements that is great. I like my self working on loving myself. but if you want to come here and pout then fuck off.

So my plans for tonight fell thru very up setting. the club we were supposed to go to is closed!!! Damn you DIDO! Damn you! anyway trying to figure out what we are going to go do. I want to get a few beers and some movies and maybe have an orgy. i think that would be fun!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH. that is to funny. I think right now that i am so HORNY that i would kill every one involved. but i guess i have more important things to worry about then sex right now. well i don't know if its more important then sex. sex is very important for a healthy mind and body. but that is a different day rant.

So i leave a week from this coming Monday. I think i will be fine. I know i will miss a few people from here. but really not that many. I could leave and not have a problem, which i know is bad of me but that is how i feel.

Well she was a close friend, we were supposed to see each other today. have not talked to her in over a year she moved to Florida with out letting me know. she is in town for the next two days. and she blew me off this afternoon. and i remember why i really didn't miss her. she did that the last time we had plans. just never showed. makes me feel like shit. just like i am not worth the time. I'm I worth the time? I hate how some people who are supposed to be my friend make me feel like shit and make me feel ugly when i am around them.

but you should see me today, i have gotten a lot of praise about how i look. I did my hair, make-up, heels the whole nine yards. I'm hott!!! but does it really matter? no one i was going to see can see me. so yeah, feeling a little like shit.

oh just a heads up I'm going on Day 4 with like 8 hours under my belt. weeeeee for me, things are starting to get really funny.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


I just want every one to know that if you come here to get angry or look down at me. Don't come here!

I write what i feel.

If you come here to read my posts, look at my pics, or see who i have as friends. That is fine but when you get to the point where you get angry about any of it, DON'T COME HERE.

This is a fun place for me to write, and post pics of people i know now, in the past, or hell even people i don't know yet. your know me I'm a witch.

so thank you
warning over.

True, True.

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All I want.

I know my life is going to be hard, when has it not been in the last 23 years?

I know that i want to love, but i also know i want some one who loves me back.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Deliverance in spite of this
What do you see if not me then who?
Is it a stupid girl or the leader of the new world
If you don't see me for me
Then see me for what I do not for what you hear
Speak to me not your boyz
To me as a reason for you being here
Ever think of that?
You think I'm just talkin but have you heard any Stuttturing of any word I've said


So in these words of mine don't hold your grudge
For you to stand there being nothin
Your not even known anymore
Your just a number that no one cares for now
Got to get up and see what is up there
Never known what every one thinks is supposed to be perfect.


The only animal I sleep with.

Pretty, True?

Lips to Lips

Lips to Lips,

Mouth to Mouth,

Comes the speaker of the shrouds.

Suck in the spirit,

Speak the words,

Let secrets of the dead be heard.


He's mad as a hatter,

Mad as a hare.

Go to the woodlands,

but be you aware.

Look for the ancients,

who shelter form storm.

but first you must pass throught the lair of the wyrm.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


OK so happy anniversary of 9/11. sad for people who have lost things and people.

but i have happy memory's of that day 6 long years ago.

enjoy what you have and treasure who you have, and fight for what you need.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

All Better...

So i am really pissed off right now. i feel so agitated that I'm numb. i have 14 days until my family leaves Iowa on there trip here. on Monday it will be 14 days until i leave. I want to have fun memories here but just feel like i am not worthy of them. tonight i am going to go out with a friend of mine. she will be bringing her husband that she is getting back together with. Do i take Doug? I don't really feel like that is the right thing to do. i really don't want to cause a big blow up. her husband is a really big jealous prick some times.

I feel so alone. Being alone is like Being stabbed. And baby I have so many knives in my Back.

I'll put up new pics later.
feeling unloved

Friday, September 07, 2007

a ~z

[A] - AVAILABLE? yep
[B] - BIRTHDAY? sep, 27
[C] - CRUSHING? Kinda
[D] - DRINK YOU LAST HAD? Vinilla Coke
[F] - FAVORITE COLOR(S)? Black, lime green
[H] - HOME? wha?.
[I] - like being sick? naw
[J] - JUGGLE? no clue
[K] - KILLED SOMEONE? I can't tell you
[L] - LONGEST CAR RIDE? Minn to New Mexico
[O] - ONE WISH? safty
[Q] - QUEER? wha>?ER*#&%^$#)$
[S] - SONG YOU LAST HEARD? dana cook
[U] - UNDERWEAR? right now? nothing
[V] - VEGETABLES? not so much. . .
[W] - WORST HABIT? swearing
[X] - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD? lots
[Z] - ZODIAC SIGN? Libra

11 people

1. ryan
2. norton
3. doug
11. bella

How did you meet number 4?
thru PSU
What would you do if 6 and 2 were going out?
laugh i think they are both funny
Where did you meet number 8?
at Sabines
What do u think of number 7?
she's hott
Have 3 and 10 ever met?
ummm no i don't think either of them knows the other exsists
What would you do if 5 Confessed they love you?
be weired out
Is number 1 your best friend?
something like that
Whose 10s best friend wit?
no clue
Do you miss number 1?
Is number 9 cool?
yeah she rocks like a party star
What is your opinion of number 6?
she is so sweet
What would you do if 1 and 4 were going out?
uh freak out. and left out, and most likly upset.
Who does number 2 like?
no idea
Do you have anything special with number 11?
she will always be my bella
Have you ever been inside 10's house?
Do you love number 8?
i don't know does 7 know about it?
Have you seen number 3 ever pee their pants?
no but i may be wrong
Have you ever kissed any of them?
do you have a crush on any of em ..?
something like that


1. What bill do you hate paying the most?rent

2. Where was the last place you had a romantic dinner?ryan's home

3. Do you regret losing your virginity to who you lost it to?not one bit i might even bost about it

4. If you could go back and change one thing what would it be?alot but in the end nothing

5. Name of your first grade teacher?no clue, i remember mrs. ferno

6. What do you really want to be doing right now?sleeping

7. What did you want to be when you were growing up?doctor

8. What college do u attend?none

9. Why did you choose the shirt that you have on right now?cuz it was in the bathroom when i

10. What are your thoughts on gas prices?ass rapeing

11. If you could move anywhere where would it be?Iowa

I2. First thought when the alarm went off this morning?DAMN IT

13. Last thought before going to sleep last night?i wish i could sleep

14. Favorite underwear?my lime green thong

15. How so you sleep? on my tummy

16. What errand/chore do you despise?dishes, you never know what is living in them here

17. If you didn't have to work, would you volunteer?yes

18. Get up early or sleep in?sleep in

19. What is your favorite cartoon character?scooby doo

20. Favorite thing to do at night with a girl/guy?cuddle

21. Have you found real love yet?yes

22. When did you first start feeling old?when i started getting migrans

23. Favorite 80's movie?earth girls are easy

24. Your favorite lunch meat?honey ham

25. What do you get every time you go into Costco?What is a costco?

26. Beach or lake?beach

27. Do you think marriage is an outdated ritual?not at all

28. Do you own property?no

29. Favorite guilty pleasure?i could tell you but then i would have to kill you

30. Favorite movie you wouldn't want anyone to find out about?double dragon

31. What's your drink?liquid cocain

32. Cowboys or Indians?i don't care i love costumes

33. Cops or Robbers?once again costumes

34. Who from high school would you like to run in to? I think Dixie

35. What radio station is your car radio tuned to right now?no idea, had to change the battery

36. Norm or Cliff?wha!!??

37. 'The Cosby Show' or 'The Simpsons'?simpsons

38. Worst relationship mistake that you wish you could take back? I wouldn't have said no, and
let him break up with me.

39. Do you like the person who sits directly across from you at work?i don't work

40. What famous person would you like to have dinner with?Christina Ricci

41. Indoors or Outdoors?both

42. Have you ever crashed your vehicle?no

43. Have you ever had to use a fire extinguisher for its intended purpose?no

44. Last book you read? i don't really know

45. Do you have a teddy bear? blue zebra

46. Strangest place you have ever brushed your teeth? middle of the forest

47. Somewhere in California you've never been and would like to go? all the beaches, santa cruz,
san diego

48. Do you go to church? no

49. At this point in your life would you rather start a new career or a new relationship? i am
doing both

50. Just how old are you?23 and 24 in two weeks

Tuesday, September 04, 2007



Jason and Sara

Joseph and Lindsy


My feety.


SO this is some of my home made jewlery. I made my living over the summer in Iowa selling it. What does every one think?



Ok so Belated Happy Labor Day, WOOHOO on price of gas? I didn't think they could anal rape more then they were. I was Wrong.

But i had a really full weekend. started with a certain some one not calling me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but ended well enough i guess. A friend of mine had a party, she moved, new place. anyway. I went going I'm not going to drink, well that did not last long. I got there and with in i want to say 5 min i had done maybe 6 shots of stuff I'm not really sure what it was. Jason handed it to me. and i have to say he is one of very few people i trust to that existent. so I ended up staying the night, with Jason, Sara his girlfriend, and I. It was nice the first night i have slept more then 3 hours. It was just a big dog pile, no sex. just sleep. got up went for breakfast. that night was a friends of mine b-day party. so more drinking and fun there. ended up at home at around 1 or so. Sunday I went out with my friend Sabini, we went shopping. I have a new swim suit two piece. I totally ROCK it. I'll put a pick up of it. I most likely will not be in it for no one here to take the pick. It's hott! But the it was Buffy night over at Jason and Sara's home. we went swimming, Buffy and dinner. it was fun. Then yesterday was Halloween night. which if i would have know how it was going to be i would not have went. I was very disappointed. kinda wish i have those 2 hours of my life back.

going to put some picture up,
post later,


So here are some fun undes i know i'm a few days late.