Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Ok so Belated Happy Labor Day, WOOHOO on price of gas? I didn't think they could anal rape more then they were. I was Wrong.

But i had a really full weekend. started with a certain some one not calling me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but ended well enough i guess. A friend of mine had a party, she moved, new place. anyway. I went going I'm not going to drink, well that did not last long. I got there and with in i want to say 5 min i had done maybe 6 shots of stuff I'm not really sure what it was. Jason handed it to me. and i have to say he is one of very few people i trust to that existent. so I ended up staying the night, with Jason, Sara his girlfriend, and I. It was nice the first night i have slept more then 3 hours. It was just a big dog pile, no sex. just sleep. got up went for breakfast. that night was a friends of mine b-day party. so more drinking and fun there. ended up at home at around 1 or so. Sunday I went out with my friend Sabini, we went shopping. I have a new swim suit two piece. I totally ROCK it. I'll put a pick up of it. I most likely will not be in it for no one here to take the pick. It's hott! But the it was Buffy night over at Jason and Sara's home. we went swimming, Buffy and dinner. it was fun. Then yesterday was Halloween night. which if i would have know how it was going to be i would not have went. I was very disappointed. kinda wish i have those 2 hours of my life back.

going to put some picture up,
post later,

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