Friday, September 14, 2007

Ice Tea and Hummas

So I'm here by myself which was kinda hard to do. I am eating by myself and it is nice. I'm having Hummus and a tall Ice Tea. It is so good sense with it being 102 out. anyway, my rant is back up, fuck what others think if its bad. I'll take your complements that is great. I like my self working on loving myself. but if you want to come here and pout then fuck off.

So my plans for tonight fell thru very up setting. the club we were supposed to go to is closed!!! Damn you DIDO! Damn you! anyway trying to figure out what we are going to go do. I want to get a few beers and some movies and maybe have an orgy. i think that would be fun!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH. that is to funny. I think right now that i am so HORNY that i would kill every one involved. but i guess i have more important things to worry about then sex right now. well i don't know if its more important then sex. sex is very important for a healthy mind and body. but that is a different day rant.

So i leave a week from this coming Monday. I think i will be fine. I know i will miss a few people from here. but really not that many. I could leave and not have a problem, which i know is bad of me but that is how i feel.

Well she was a close friend, we were supposed to see each other today. have not talked to her in over a year she moved to Florida with out letting me know. she is in town for the next two days. and she blew me off this afternoon. and i remember why i really didn't miss her. she did that the last time we had plans. just never showed. makes me feel like shit. just like i am not worth the time. I'm I worth the time? I hate how some people who are supposed to be my friend make me feel like shit and make me feel ugly when i am around them.

but you should see me today, i have gotten a lot of praise about how i look. I did my hair, make-up, heels the whole nine yards. I'm hott!!! but does it really matter? no one i was going to see can see me. so yeah, feeling a little like shit.

oh just a heads up I'm going on Day 4 with like 8 hours under my belt. weeeeee for me, things are starting to get really funny.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

You almost lost me with the hummus, but I carried on until the end.

Wendy said...

what club closed? In Cruces? There are no clubs, mmust have been El Paso. No hummus here when you come. What do you weat? So I can buy you all your favorite yummies/ I'll talk to you in real life late.

Hey, whyo was baggin on your site and getting grumpy? The "D" Boy?

Wendy said...

I try and have as many typos as possible in every comment.