Sunday, September 30, 2007

Think about me

Ok so its been a few days but no i did not die. just not really a reason to type. I 've been in Iowa for around 5 day, had a birthday and thank you every one that wished me a good one. you bitches rock!!!!!

anyway going to go see a movie not sure which one yet. for we as in Iowa is under a tornado warning, yeah!

I went to the historical association annual fall fling today. i had alot of fun, made a basket. I'll put pics up later. i thought it was pretty neat.

doing OK, bored. had an interview on Friday and another this coming 3rd. i hope i get it. wish me luck. i need a job its hard to be here with my parents. pity for me. but then if i get the job then i can get the hell out!!!

anyway got to go. close to time to temp the weather and get to my movie.



Wendy said...

so no tornado stories right?

Katie said...

nope none

Still just me said...

Good luck on the job search. I hope you find whatever it is you are looking for.

Wendy said...

I miss you, what's new?