Sunday, October 14, 2007


OK so life is a box no matter what size you think your box is. There is only 6 sides. well six on the inside and six on the out side but hey no on e really ever deals with the out side. you learn to live and love in the inside. That makes me think that we all are already dead men. just have not realized it yet, making memory's to last us when we do. I want to look back and be damn. But i think that even thou we come into this world alone and leave it alone. we are never truly alone, we have our guides and who believe in us all the time. but that makes me think that i know that we die, really in the end not a big thing for we are all reborn at some point, 20 years 200 years we come back, is right now that point? is right now that death point? i know everything is real because our brain makes it. So when we die are we going to go back to the web? or we going to start over? which in a way is the same both ways.

I really need to stop thinking for a while my brain feels muddled.

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