Friday, October 05, 2007

I wish life

I wish life was easy every now and again. But I guess its better that its difficult. To know that in the end you made it. I know that you are born alone and die alone but still the jorney of ones life is up hill. No niceties here, just the truth. I wish I had did things differently at times I wish I trusted easier, love with out hurt, and not expect the worst from every one I don’t know.

My heart hurts. Just in general I feel so alone. It took nearly 4 hours for me to go out last night. God am I back in high school? Had an interview today. I hope they call tomorrow and go do the pee test and start soon, cuz then if all I do is work then I can be out of here in one month, 2 bedroom apartments is only $325. I think that is pretty good since in New Mexico a 2 bedroom is 400. I am thinking about the 3 bedroom, its only 400. Why not right? Going to be making around 2 grand a month.

Ok so I got it. They just called me, and yes I said yes. Drug test tomorrow, then most likely start on Monday. So yea rock that!!!!! I will be getting out a lot faster then I thought. Yeah yeah yeah yeah.!!!!!! So Doug yes you were right my parents are so crazy and not in a fun way. Found out the they have some one following me, and they have “sources” which make me feel non trusted and want to break an entering some place just to see if they find out. Like being in jail but a little worse. Never had to deal with my parent fucking pouting. I don’t understand.? I am so going to be out by the end of the month. Ye ha!!!!!!!!!!! I am so stoked!!!

My mother was like you are going to be able to get out sooner then you thought. She sounds sad but yet in a way relieved. I think they walked around naked and I broke that.

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Still just me said...

Wow! Did I read that right? Your parents are having you followed?

Mine did that to me about 4 years ago. When I found out, I cut all ties with them. Haven't seen or talked to them since.