Wednesday, February 07, 2007

recovering post

Ok the first thing i need to say is that this font makes me feel like i'm typing for a news paper, The dead body was found under newspaper, ok done with that got that out of my system. most likly for the best 'right' don't want to be to weird or creepy this early in the day. most people i know really would not be that surprized.

Soooo. I had just writin this long post that most people would not want to read cuz of the boring topic but i lost it that just was just a complete waste of my time. which really isn't that big of a deal for i have nothing to do here at work. but come on that just plan sucked.

But for those who want to know what i was going to blog about here is a quick over view=

  • listes for my home, getting tax money back gotta figure out what to do with it.
  • gotta figure out what to do with spirtuality, i'm stagnet need to fix that.
  • new car?
  • trip in aug.
  • and trip to disney land?

man i think my plate is kinda full right now i think i might just throw this one away and get a new one from the dollar tree.


JLee said...

I heard there were boobs here.

Dan-O said...

I can help, combine the last 2 , it will lessen the load.