Saturday, February 24, 2007

X-23 Now You Know....

Welcome to my class on X-23 and Wolverine.
This is x-23 which means experiment 23. She is the first after 22 fuck ups. After Wolverine awoke from the Weapon X surgery of adamantium alloy that they covered his bones with. He fought his way out of the facility. When the "doctors" that had done the surgery regrouped all the DNA of Wolverine they could come up with and use was for a female. And while X-23 grew up she did not have a lot of contact with the out side world because they wanted a killer, one they thought they were going to get with Wolverine. But with X-23 which was later named Laura Kinney, she had 2 claws in each hand one less then Wolverine but she made up for it with having a claw in each foot, something that Wolverine did not. But in the end X-23 or Laura as she now goes by does meet Wolverine, and does try to kill him. But fails when she confronts herself in him. And in the end she is him and he is her.

You have any questions let me know and i will try to answer it.
I know I'm a dork.

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Dan-O said...

Excellent class. I was an XMen junkie in gradeschool.