Thursday, February 08, 2007

bAd dAy...

ok so this is how my day is going, if you want to read this all the while thinking about how i feel dorry for my self you can just close the window now. I just want to express my bad luck today. I got up late, and forgot to turn on the dryer so that was an extra 45 min this morning. then got to have stupid people driving in las cruces, so i get to the back late i'm hungry at this point but i need to get this done carrying 1,200 dollar makes me nervous. so that is done and its like 12:35pm. get out of the parking lot and i become and idiot. i make the bad turn every time. if i want to go right i turn left, i end up taking the longest posible way thru town to get to work. I get there late and still have not eaten. so i stop and get Burger Time and they screw up my order. so i get to pick thru there screw up and a few donute that i had to remind them that i had bought. then i'm at work in new shoes and my stuff is in my car and i don't want to walk out there cuz my feet hurt. i'm a baby about some things.

man i need a hug and maybe a day off. Then there is a amber bock at home that is waiting for me so calmly. Man were is AA when you need it. *joking*

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Dan-O said...

I'm drinking a beer w/ ya. My day wasn't as bad though, just unproductive. I've been havinga string of those recently, basically because management at work doesn't really think things through all the way.