Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What I did this weekend.

Well first of all I want to say that this update is for Wendy. She has been telling me to update all morning and she just made a upset sound when she saw that I had not updated yet. For you Wendy.

Where to start Hm mm well i guess over there would be best. On Saturday I was here at work doing nothing but watching Buffy episodes. How fun right? I thought it was fun, it took up most of the day so i had something to do. No one showed up so very bored. but my boyfriend showed up right as we walked out of the door. He thought he was late but i miss told him the time so he would be here only a little late. But after that we went to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. It was good but bad note I had gotten my period so i just wanted to crawl into a hole and cry, a lot. Almost went to a movie The Number 23. But we had a bad filling so we didn't. So we did nothing really, Got home and Doug ended up staying up with our room mate cuz we did not want him to die of alcohol poisoning. Fun night.
Sunday was bull shit, went to town and got food, and really that was it. can't remember if we did do stuff. How sad.
But on Monday I got about one half of my house clean. It was gross and i still feel sick. but it does look better.
Man i need to get some friends......*sad Katie*

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Wendy said...

I'm your friend. Hey those are my tits! Sorry your sad, dumb boys.