Friday, February 09, 2007

lion, tigers, and Breast! Oh My...

ok so this blog will be all over the place just to warn you of any falling objects. please wear hard hat!!!!!. ok with that out of the way we will start with the fact i am wearing a shirt today i have not been able to fit in like for 2 years. yeah for boobies. cuz mine are out there today.

went to run and get lunch today, thinking it will take like 30 min to get there and back with the food. nope no happening no likey!! took twice that long and it felt like i was in the car for like ever and no where to stop to pee. thought i was going cross crounty, should have stoped to see my mother in iowa when i passed throu. then the food was cood and not even what i wanted in the end.

And then Murp! is like yelling at me about a cow puppet, well when i find it i might give it to you just becuase you yelled!!!! and just trust me there will be blogs about the others, yes there will be blogs.

I went on a shopping spree today to an extent, I got my needed year to day book *can't think of the title*, and some bath and body smell good stuff. I feel pretty oh so pretty i feel pretty and gitty and gay (well not gay as into girls but gay as in happy). English language explaintion later.

So when i get home there is going to be the start of the cleansing of the home. first is picking up of garbge, and getting rid of crap we don't need, then reorganizing, and finaly the bone fire!!!!!

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