Monday, February 12, 2007

My History

To help others out i will try to use spell check... but i think the miss spelling of every thing helps you understand my mood, and help make you as confused as I am... just to help you out.

but right now in my life i am working in tax prep. I will be starting school again in august. Right after my trip up to Iowa my grand mother is having her 80Th b-day party I think. SO looking forward to seeing my family *yeah*. I miss them a lot and my niece always want to talk with me and she should be 6 1/2 at that time. It will be fun to talk with her and find out her thoughts on things.

Now i live in a trailer with my husband that is my boyfriend of 4 years. I have lived in New Mexico for 4 years. How I moved here is a long story and I'll wait till the anniversary of that date and then I'll tell you about it. Nah I'll tell you about it now... I moved down to El Paso, TX on Nov. 1st 2003. met my b/f on the 8Th of Nov. 2003, moved in with him February 4Th 2004. to explain how that happened so fast here is the insight. My aunt thought i should have a job or be in school by the first of the year. which is fine but when i moved down i had no money, no car, and was starting over and if i did get to use one of their cars there was no gas in them *i had no money for gas* so going and looking for a job or getting to the college was difficult to say the least. I ended up getting a job thou my b/f in Las Cruces. So when i came home to get clothing i found my stuff clothing, Cd's, movies, and my cat all boxed up and into his home i went.

Here I am Today. When the topic is brought up she acts like it never happened. doesn't understand why i am upset with her. But i have always been a good actress, so the play with her i go.


Wendy said...

I love the fuck fuck fuck thing, very cool.

Man, your Aunt sucks.

Dan-O said...

I think that was the fastest anyone has ever explained a life story. Kudo's, I wish all women explained things that way.