Thursday, March 01, 2007

March 1st

Ok so just to let every one know the link in the prevous post now is working, i forgot to put the HTTP:// in so now its ok.

I wish Wendy a good no great weekend. I hope the internet is up tommarrow or i will be really bored.

so its march first, just a list if things i want to get done before next month,
#1 is clean kitchen, and living room
#2 get the weekend off so i can wisk my b/f off for a sex filled weekend.
#3 get luandry and dishes done completely. not have the random one sock or fork left.
#4 car insurence, if you don't know then go HERE.
#5 will be added later.

So every body have fun this weekend and yes i know i'm a day early.

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Wendy said...

is the Internet up? Is everything okay? I am over here staring at my phone willing myself not to call...