Monday, March 12, 2007

Mullets and Food Poising

Lets see what did I do this week end. Well we should start with the 45 year old guy before work on Saturday who was with his parents and he had a grey mullet. i don;t know if he should get extra points or be shot in the knee.

but anyway at work no one showed up and it was a really long day. The i went home and my b/f, our room mate, and i all went out for dinner. I was good and got to see alot of people i have not seen in a long time. and i friend of ours birthing day. so happy birthday to him.

On Sunday hung out at the house all day. made spice bread, and then tried to go to a movie sold out damn it, the we went to Texas Steak House, yeah food poising, so raw it was mooing. and that was after sending it back. had to take it home to cook it.
And to the left of this sentence is the steak i brought home.
It kinda looks like a vagina.

Then i was sick all night, weee fun. then my b/f got sick this morning and i sent him home to sleep. and he did but i had things i had to do in town, had to pick up the room mate from his job. so got home around well it was still light out so that was nice.

Work tomorrow i just hope none of the food poising is still in my system.

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