Thursday, March 15, 2007

Word Association

1. My 'ex' is still: abusive bastard
2. I am listening to: my co-workers weird music
3. Maybe I should: pee
4. I love: Doug and maybe coke-a-cola
6. I don't understand: why i don't go pee
7. I lost respect for: some of my co-workers
8. I last ate: pizza and garlic sticks
9. The meaning of my display name is: My name? Me
10. Love is: lovely
11. Somewhere: is my ride
12. I will always: miss Doug
13. Love seems to be: wonderful
14. I never ever want to lose: my family!
15. My cell phone is: in my purse
16. When I woke up this morning: i had a naked Doug.
17. I get annoyed by: getting yelled at for no reason
18. Parties: cleaning up vomit
19. My pet(s): 2 cats, 2 rats, 1 dog and a Doug
20. Kisses: are nice
21. Today I: went to work
22. I wish: I was independently wealthy so i did not have to work.
23. I really want: a week end retreat with Doug

ANSWER TRUTHFULLY—What would you rather be called?
01. Katie
02. Sweetie or Honey: Honey, Doug does like the honey pot.
03. Darling or Hun: neither

01. is your hair wet?: no
02. is your cell phone right by you?: no
03. do you miss someone?: my mommy
04. are you wearing chap stick? no
05. are you tired?: yes
06. are you excited?: no
07. are you watching TV?: no
08. are you wearing pajamas?: kind of

01. recently done anything you regret?: no
02. ever lied?: not recently
03. ever stuck gum under a desk?: nope
04. ever kicked someone?: yes
05. ever tripped over your own feet?: yes

01. have you cursed?: yes
02. have you yelled at someone?: no
03. have you gotten mad at someone?: yes

Q: is there a person who is on your mind right now?: Doug
Q: do you have any siblings?: older brother
Q: Do you want children?: maybe
Q: do you smile often?: I try
Q: do you wish on stars?: Guilty!
Q: do you untie your shoes every time you take them off?: no
Q: do you like your handwriting?: yes
Q: are your toenails painted?: nope
Q: are you a friendly person?:i try to be
Q: who's bed did you sleep in last night?: mine
Q: what size ring do you wear?: 8 i think
Q what color shirt are you wearing?: sea foam green
Q: do you have any pets? Yes
Q: what were you doing at 7pm yesterday?: dinner?
Q: I can't wait until: tomorrow is done at work
Q: What happened to question number 5 at the beginning? I have no clue
Q: look to your right? phone
Q: ever cried on your friend's shoulder? nope at least i don't think so.

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