Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Junior mints and life in a Tuba.

Well were to start? Well i guess with the fact that I'm not dead would be a good place right? being dead is bad and living is good.

Well let see its been I think like 5 days from my last post so lots to catch up on.

Well Friday i got out of work early, and one of my co-workers would not even look at me, "If you have read Wendy's post as of late you know what's up". So piss on her i was still nice to her, I smiled, I waved, I said good bye to boot.

And then i had Saturday off yeah!!!!!! Went to the farmers market and spent a lot of money did i tell you we got paid, lots of shopping, then it was Saint Patty's Day so green every where, and drinking that night, Impromptu Patty's day party. More fun.

Sunday i got up early so i could set up the egg hunt for Ostara that was yesterday, so that was fun all the chocolate that i hid was melted when the hunt finally went under way but hey put it in the freezer and it's all good, then that night i made like 150 paper stars, man i was agitated with my b/f. but hey i got over it.

And on Monday which i also had off Goddess bless Three day weekends!!!! Any way we went to Ruidoso and had so much fun I have pics but forgot to bring them with me. so yeah and then that night we had a drum circle at a friends house and that was a lot of fun and they were nice and let us use there shower because the water at my home was off. so that helped.

And yesterday there was the big meeting that happened and *pppffffffft* to that Not putting any more energy in to it. but the water was back on when i got home. So yeah to that!!!!!


Wendy said...

yes! No more bad energy because of that cunt. Sorry, maybe a little excess....

JLee said...

I'm still scratching my head over the title? haha

your stalker :)

My name is Batty, Batty Koda! said...

Thank you Jlee you make me feel loved.

And Wendy i feel you pain.

Katie said...

yeah for water and three day weekends! :)