Saturday, March 31, 2007

End of March..

So this is the end of March, yeah i think. only 14 days left for tax season, and if you are all wondering which I know you all are today was a little better but not by much I don't think I'll be missing my one co-worker after tax season is done, I might even welcome it.

Had dinner at Chili's and i was not impressed, but other then that dinner was OK.

We also spent about 2 hours running around Chucky Cheese's after Doug's nieces, they had a birthday party there this evening. It was fun. I just sat there and watched purses but it was OK. I'm glad Doug got to see his family. that is what made me happy.

any way I'm done for the night and will try and post tomorrow.

see every one next month!

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Wendy said...

a little better huh? She said bye?