Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fools Day. With Just A Dash Of Sun Poisoning.

OK so today was full of fun. Got up late and took gifts over to the nieces and nephew, which was awesome for the pure fact that Doug got a dinosaur for Donavon which made noise and had a trigger that made the head and jaw lunge it's awesome. But the best part was the fact when he was done with unwrapping it he start to make growling sound but then Doug's sister pulled the trigger and it growled and lunged Donavon's eye's got so big it was the most awesome thing i have seen in a long time. Like in Donavon's world we all fell from it and all that was left was the dinosaur.

But then we went to go help at the PSU Car Wash which i got very toasty, i hurt all over and my feet are warm. you look at the pictures and let me know what you think?

hope every one did not get alot of joke played on them.


JLee said...

oh my god! Talk about a farmer's tan! haha

Wendy said...

rock lobster baby...what have we told you about this? Sunscreen, we live in a desert...

I didn't have one prank pulled on me. Whew, I hate that sort of thing.

alan said...

It will probably be too late when you read this for it to help this time, but next time as soon as you get home, mix a batch of water with as much salt as you can dissolve in it, then put some ice cubes in to chill it. Dip washcloths in it and place them on the burnt areas and leave them until they start to feel warm, then dip them, wring them out just a bit and repeat until the heat is gone.

The "saline solution" draws the moisture out to keep you from blistering; the ice draws the heat out. Follow it up with one of the aloe vera "post sun" lotions and you'll be OK unless you've burnt yourself purple (been there, done that).

Years ago I set myself on fire while working on a motorcycle, and when I got to the hospital they spent a couple of hours running cold saline over my face. I never blistered or peeled, though I lost most of my moustache, eyebrows, and some hair.

A few years later I read in an outdoor magazine that this was the way a dermatologist recommended dealing with a bad burn, for the reasons I gave above...

I followed you home from "jlee's" btw, hope you don't mind. Hope you are feeling better soon!


Wendy said...

alan! Wow, great advice and interesting story.

ALHABI said...

it seems you had a close incounter with a mighty fire breathing dragon. I hope you are not overcooked.
you can use mustard, kitchup or maionase to sooth down those hot spots... just joking but they can cool you down if brought from the fridge.
take care next time... :)