Monday, April 16, 2007

My amazing weekend.

Ok its Friday the 13th of April, had a full day of work. There was dealing with the one person of the office that I trust less then how far I could throw her, which does not even start to explain how much I dislike her.

So get home and on the car ride home my b/f tries to call me. And when I get to the phone he hangs up. Find out later that he went to voice mail, so got a little un mad with him, but I call him back sing happy birthday to a friend of mine and when I got to him he was all upset. Which I really don’t understand my only guess is that he had an idea in his head and when I said no it burst the bubble. Which I feel bad about but he could have handed it in a different way. So we have a discussion and I still say I don’t want to go to the dinner and the birthday party of another girl I know. She turned 21, so drinking party and the Enlightenment is on Saturday so we finish the discussion I am very up set, and he tells me “Have Fun With Norton” so what does that mean After the 12 pack of beer we started to play Quarters. So by the time Doug got home I was pretty plastered. Then there was the drunk non censoring of word and we had a fight and then really great make-up sex. I fell asleep around 2 am and I was awake at 4:45 am, so I laid there awake until 7 when the alarm went off. I got up and got ready for Enlightenment, Which was very fun, I got to talk with Scott and Cheri Russell, Kristen Madden, and Amber K. So a lot of fun.

After Enlightenment, we went home and I got one more hour of sleep under my belt, so 3:45 worth of sleep. We go to the party nothing really big happens, we get home around midnight, so I sleep till 11 :30 the next morning, I felt like crap all day long, I kept falling asleep, so I was in and out of it all day. So after all day and just going to bed I find a random spider bit on the back of my leg. So we rip it open and get it to drain. So I feel crappy and kind of sick, but better then yesterday.

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