Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Cat in Heat and Table for one.

Ok so the rest of the day goes with out a hitch I take the depost to the bank. All is well in my world right? I get a call from my loving b/f and he tells me to pick a place and he will meet me there. So i say Ruby Tuesday cuz it was the closest thing. I get there and wait for like 45 min then i get a table and again wait for like 15 min and finaly i place my order. I eat my salad, and drink my fancy drink that i got becuase i felt unloved. I sit there and get my meal and then doug shows up. I am very hurt but not angry cuz i'm weird.

And then when i got home my cat is in heat. yeah!!!

spell check is not working.


Wendy said...

I would have sat in my car until he showed up. Fuck waiting at a table alone. But I am shy that way.

Your on the *~VERJ~* said...

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