Saturday, March 03, 2007

I'm Ready for Today to Be Something.

So Today is Saturday March 3rd 2007, and i wish i had never gotten out of bed. I feel like well not shit, i don't even feel that well. Maybe it is all the extra energy in the air today. At 6 PM some thing special is going to happen, a lunar eclipse, I hope everyone a very happy and energy filled day. Today also is a good day to break ties if you need to. Letting go of inhibitions and negative self-esteem.

Riddle Time.......

Three men walk into a hotel looking for a room. The receptionist tells them that there is only one room, and that it cost $30. They pay $10 each, and head to there room for the night. Later, the receptionist realizes the she over charged them by $5, so she gives the money to the bellhop instructing him to return it to the three men.
The bellhop, on the way to the room realizes that there is no way to split the bill 3 ways, so he puts $2 in his pocket and doesn't tell the men about it, rationalizing that he is doing them a favor.

Now, here is the riddle. After getting their money back each of the men has spent $9, totaling $27 spent on the room. The bellhop puts $2 in his pocket to bring the total to $29. What happened to the last dollar?

That's the Riddle let me know if you think you know.


Wendy said...

I come home today...are you excited? I'm not. It is taking all my strength not to call the bossman and say C-ya. I am home and want to stay here.

I will be there tomorrow...fuck.

Anonymous said...

Symmantics. This riddle reduces the situation to its most simplistic terms. This is where the riddle lies. If one figures the rate each man spent at each stage, it dissolves the riddle - or PARADOX...