Thursday, March 29, 2007

To Crazy Town.......

OK where to start. I can not decide, the crazy mother or the phone bill? hummmmmmmmm.

The phone bill i think will be best and then to the good stuff.

The phone bill where to start let start with the 200 dollar bill? how do you get a 200 dollar phone bill? just to let every one know is that i only claim 15 dollars of the bill for my none used line.

but to the more fun stuff, the crazy mother.

I think i told every one that she is crazy? right? if not here is what is going on. My mother in law is in the hospital, for her kidneys at least at the moment. I know why she is there to. SHE DOES NOT DRINK ANY THING AND WHEN SHE DOES IT PEPSI. how healthy, don't you think.

And her daughter is coming down so she is ready to come home even thou she is not done being treated, yeah cuz if she stays and get completely better then she would not have any thing to bitch about. and that would be terrible, right?

And in the sister coming down it will be nice to see the nieces and nephew. I'll enjoy that i figure some cold will come down with them. Doug is also happy about them. I don't know where they are going to stay? my home is full and there house is full of random crap. so where? I just know it will be something stupid.

anyway I'm getting upset and I'll update about this when i know more!

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