Saturday, January 26, 2008

what made me me

What Made Me Me>>>>>>

Long ago and far away,> In a land that time forgot,> Before the days of Dylan,> Or the dawn of Camelot.>>>> There lived a race of innocents,> And they were you and me,> Long ago and far away> In the Land That Made Me Me.>>>> For Ike was in the White House> In that land where we were born,> Where navels were for oranges,> And Peyton Place was porn.>>>> We learned to help our mothers,> We washed our hair at dawn,> We spread our crinolines to dry> In circles on the lawn.>>>> We longed for love and romance,> And waited for our prince,> And Eddie Fisher married Liz,> (But no one's seen him since).>>>>>> We danced to 'Little Darlin',> And sang to 'Stagger Lee'> And cried for Buddy Holly> In the Land That Made Me Me.>>>> Only girls wore earrings then,> And 3 was one too many,> And only boys wore flat-top cuts,> Except for Jean McKinney.>>>> And only in our wildest dreams> Did we expect to see> A boy named George with Lipstick,> In the Land That Made Me Me.>>>> We fell for Frankie Avalon,> Kookie was oh, so nice,> And when they made a movie,> They never made it twice.>>>> We didn't have a Star Trek Five,> Or Psycho Two & Three,> Or Rocky-Rambo Twenty> In the Land That Made Me Me.>>>> Miss Kitty had a heart of gold,> And Chester had a limp,> And Reagan was a Democrat> Whose co-star was a chimp.>>>> We had a Mr. Wizard,> But not a Mr. T,> and Oprah couldn't talk yet> In the Land That Made Me Me.>>> We had our share of heroes,> We never thought they'd go,> At least not Bobby Darin,> Or Marilyn Monroe.>>>> For youth was still eternal,> And life was yet to be,> And Elvis was forever> In the Land That Made Me Me.>>>> We'd never seen the rock band> That was Grateful to be Dead,> And Airplanes weren't named Jefferson ,> And Zeppelins were not Led.>>>> And Beatles lived in gardens then,> And Monkees lived in trees,> Madonna was a virgin> In the Land That Made Me Me.>>>>>> We'd never heard of microwaves,> Or telephones in cars,> And babies might be bottle-fed,> But they weren't grown in jars.>>>> And pumping iron got wrinkles out,> And 'gay' meant fancy-free,> And dorms were never coed> In the Land That Made Me Me.>>>> We hadn't seen enough of jets> To talk about the lag,> And microchips were what was left> At the bottom of the bag.>>>> And hardware was a box of nails,> And bytes came from a flea,> And rocket ships were fiction> In the Land That Made Me Me.>>>> Buicks came with portholes,> And side shows came with freaks,> And bathing suits came big enough> To cover both your cheeks.>>>> And Coke came just in bottles,> And skirts came to the knee,> And Castro came to power> In the Land That Made Me Me.>>>> We had no Crest with Fluoride,> We had no Hill Street Blues,> We all wore superstructure bras> Designed by Howard Hughes.>>>> We had no patterned pantyhose> Or Lipton herbal tea> Or prime-time ads for condoms> In the Land That Made Me Me.>>>> There were no golden arches,> No Perrier to chill,> And fish were not called Wanda,> And cats were not called Bill.>>>> And middle-aged was 35> And old was forty-three,> And ancient were our parents> In the Land That Made Me Me.>>>> But all things have a season,> Or so we've heard them say,> And now instead of Maybelline> We swear by Retin-A.>> And they send us invitations> To join AARP,> We've come a long way, baby,> From the Land That Made Me Me.>>>> So now we face a Brave New World> In slightly larger jeans,> And wonder why they're using> Smaller print in magazines.>>> And we tell our children's children> How life then used to be,> Long ago and far away> In the Land That Made Me Me

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