Friday, February 01, 2008

Feb 1st.

Ok so i have no real place to start so yeah, boring here. I fell on my ass and just layed there on the ice. sad for me sorry no pics of the markings. nearly killed my self showering on tuesday night, i might put up the gross leg pic. um going to be drinking to night, got my dr jeckle and mr hyde bottles today, so hopefully i will still be drunk or i should be well rounded for the partying tommarrow night, good i hope i completely piss off my co-worker becuase i am just that much hotter then her.

ok enough of that.

i really have no news just a heads up that i'm alive.


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Wendy said...

hahaha! Sorry, but is funny when people fall...hehehe! (I'm a bitch that way)

I hope you are okay and why are there parties during the week? Isn't there work? And who is this jealous co worker you are hotter than?