Saturday, July 19, 2008

May the Goddess Hear me

SO i am just going to ramble which i guess is a a healthy thing to do every once in a while. so hey. I want so many things right now in my life witch i guess i could say are little gifts that i don't have them but i just so scared that i will never have them. If you have not figured out what i want is this : 1. A family, that does not judge me. 2. Some one that will truly love me. 3. Children. 4.I want the American dream i guess. the house, cars, just the dream of happiness and no divorce, growing old with some that will laugh with me as our body's fall apart..

scares me is that for that to happen i think i have to wash my hands of what i think is right and just walk away. and let what is mine or supposed to be mine to come to me. and what happens if i do that and nothing comes. Well its nice to know that my true fear is dyeing alone and the horrible part of that is that we all die alone, no matter what. IS a soul mate something stupid to wish for?

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