Wednesday, July 02, 2008

So Whats the deal?

Well if your wondering what is going on with me to make so many changes. No idea here. just came to a point i guess where i was feeling about what i didn't do what i haven't done. What i might have missed. but what the fuck am i doing that for? I have had a great life some crappy spots but in the over all end, I'm not sick, dead, homeless or any thing like that. I can pay my way. that is good. I wish i was in love and maybe have kids soon. but that is all in the hands of fate. which i understand can be very humorous and cruel at the same time.

Now on things will be different, I want everything. I deserve everything that i can dream of. i don't need your approval in the end cuz i will be faced and judged by higher beings.

I used to become so angry so fast, now it takes a while i will feel sadness before anger now. I don't like it. not really, i understand the concept of it. safer for me.

A warning i guess for anyone who reads this. no one i think any more. but i will be falling off the radar for a few days. I won't be me when i come back.

warning you.


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