Wednesday, June 27, 2007


OK so I'm updating, and I'm not having hormonal issues, yeah, but still confused about the previews rambling i did. More confused is more like it. anyway that is dealing in my own mind.

Still in Iowa, rock on, creeped out of the house last night from 12 till 4 don't ask why i just did.

My grand father passed away 2 years ago yesturday.
I miss him

parents still trying to get me a job, I'm still saying no.

making dinner tonight, flowtas or how every you spell it.

and have a movie date, how fun!!! I'm excited. going to go see live free or die hard, yeahhhhhh!

oh yeah i almost forgot

Peace out mother FU(KERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wendy said...

finally, shit!

Wooo Hoo, movie date. Are you going to wear makeup? I am really worried about this sort of thing. I am going to fly up there and curl your hair and do your makeup and dress you and know how I am.

K said...

You saw the pic of my short hair, All i have to do now is blow dry my hair upside down and it curls.

and i already got the make up on.

I looking forward to it