Thursday, June 28, 2007

Confused no More.

I understand that this summer is about me and i take responsibility's on to myself

But i am not going to look back in 20 , 15, 2 years from now and thing man what was i thinking? I am going to look back and go " Damn it I had fun!" be able to hold the memories close to my heart the next time I'm sad.

I feel very alone today. I cried and I think that is what helped me decide. I'm not going to cry all my life! I am going to throw myself into it and enjoy every min!

Fuck the rest of it. if there is an issue I'll deal with it later!


Wendy said...

YES!!!! Now you understand grasshopper! No regrets. When you are 90 years old you won't have to worry about what woulda' it been coulda woulda shouldas in our lives.

i am so happy for you , this is a growth moment!

Wendy said...

sooo, what happened? You are totally keeping me in the dark here...

UPDATE or email me!