Monday, July 09, 2007

ok weird ness

Lets get the weird stuff out of the way first.

I re fell in love the other day. and my heart hurts cuz i can't be with him. I left now i want to be back. but that can;t happen. I wonder if he even know even thou i told him? does he take it serious? I want to ask him but i don't want to be a a weirdo girl and be all in his shit you know? what if he wants me to and i;m scared? wow i have not had a girl train of thought like this in so long. man i want to cry. fuck. and i can;t even talk to him until tomorrow. and i need sleep for the only reason that i have slept 15 hours in the past 4 days. I know he wants to be in me but does he want to be with me? I know i leave in like 6 weeks is that enough time to have this figured out? I am so confused, and crying.

is it possible that your soul was split into 3 pieces? you know the soul mate principle?

i have to stop for the fact it's starting to get hard to see the screen thru the tears.


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Wendy said...

email me. Hurry, I leave tomorrow.