Thursday, July 12, 2007

What I want.

I want A home, i want a car that works, I want a family some day, I don't want to get married, I want a good paying job, I want to be near my family, I want to like my in laws even if they live with us, I want to be able to practice my belief in my home. I want to know where my next meal and bill payment is coming from, I want to know that i have a place that is safe for my animals. I want freedom to do what i want to do, I want to be able have friends that like me for me, not what i can give them. I want the ability to sleep with who i want, cool if i have a steady but I still want that option. I want a guy who can get me off, I want a guy who is willing to try anything. I want a soul mate, I want true happiness, I want the love that makes me weak in the knees. I want the butterfly's in the tummy, I want to be 60 pounds lighter. I want to be able to cry and not feel like a piece of shit, I want to make my jewelry and make money at it. I want for the future that if i have kids that i don't have to worry about money with taking care of them. I want a father who will fight tooth and nail to help his children.

well here is my list and i guess i should start on the fact of where i am going to be doing all these things at. Here or Iowa?

Man what do i want?

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Wendy said...

wow! Who are you? There are some things happening in your mind. Good for you and I hope you find it wherever you are. (as long as you come back for tax season. ;) )