Friday, July 27, 2007

friday the 27th.

OK so today has been really busy!!! I have found something that is better then choc! if you can belive that. It is called banana dessert pizza. it is fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any who, i finished painting my grandmother gazebo this evening made 100 bucks not bad, and farmers market is tomorrow. so maybe more money to come in, cuz i get to give my parents 45 dollars for the phone bill, i like to talk to the Ryan. so yep!

got to see Ryan today, made the whole day, made lunch and it turned out like crap. he still ate it, bless his heart. <3. and one month till his birthing day, and 2 till mine!! rock on 24 will rule but just getting closer to 50.

but more info later!!

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