Monday, August 27, 2007

I guess its later.

So hear is the update. I had food poising on Saturday. vomited thru my nose, yeah me!!!
I ended up fighting with Doug all day Sunday, all the way until around 3 in the morning. witch *hehe* is fine but nothing really got discussed, just round and round about really nothing. and he kept getting angry and i really didn't feel anything. my heart hurt but nothing really past that. does that make me a selfish bitch? Took most of my day today at the college watching Doug run around with his head cut off for a long time, which was told to me to be 20 mins. I had not eatin so kinda bitchy.

Today is Kings! Birthday, Mr 24 years!!!! wish i was there to give the spanking, heheheheh!! anyway hope he calls me after work tonight. have not heard from him in a couple of days so really want to hear his voice. he calms me down, even if its talk about nothing and quite time, i feel better.

136 baby!!!

Talk to every one later.

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