Thursday, August 16, 2007

Last Day

So today is my last day here at Ryan's home. which does feel very comfy here for me and i have said that his home is my home more then once witch i find funny and kinda hopeful. I know i am jumping the gun on that but hey a girl can dream right. I was able to ask a question that i have wanted to ask for a while. he said yes and i just got so over joyed that i wanted to scream my happiness. and he is the only one who needs to know my question, and no matter how much you beg i won;t tell you! *sticks tongue out*

I go back on Tuesday the 21st. and i am scared. I know that moving back is a step forward its just hard to leave every one i know. I know that i will be closer to my family and a few people that i care about deeply. I know that the people who actulaly care about me want me to grow, and the ones that are the fucking players for the drama can fuck lick my *insurt odd word here*. anyway over that. just wanted to document the anger and sadness i am haveing about leaveing here, iowa and new mexico.

owww and King, you know who you are, I want you to know that even if i am to scared to say it in person, I try to show it but not sure if i am doing a good enough job. That I do still love you.

Tears now.

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Wendy said...

I'm very excited for you...and sad I can't see you and not eat lunch at the office with you and go to the mall and leave all the other girls behind cuz you are my favorite. We could have been bestest I just know it... BUT! Love and happiness and pureness of your soul is appearing and you are right on path.

I'm proud of you.