Friday, August 24, 2007

today today?

OK so Doug and I went for a day trip to Riodoso, *totally spelled that wrong*, but we were on our way back to Las Cruces because of a storm. so we stopped to get some gas for the car. having a good day. I start to smile cuz of some stupid thing that is going on and this is the conversation.

Katie: Smiling

Doug: your creeping me out.

Katie: Still smiling

Doug: I guess i can live with it, it won't last long. you and smiling never went together.

Katie: *gasp* and i am sad.

the rest of the trip was in silence.
i guess another reason not to feel bad about moving. if i never smiled down here how was i happy?


Wendy said...

whoa. He knows how to woo a girl, to say all the right things. Are you still in the indecisive mode and maybe want it to work with Doug?

Sp: Ruidoso

Katie said...

I know it is over between us i just want to leave on even ground. I have growing to do down the road and that won't happen here.