Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Were i moved back into



Wendy said...

it is for a short time. Remember when you lived in that but had no hope? Now you have hope and somewhere to go. I remember telling you this situation could not stay stagnant, it would have to change one way or another. You made the change happen and they are still in the filth and mire and you are pulled up out of it and are moving on to wide open spaces and beauty and happiness and everything you deserve in life.

Remember when the sweet talk begins, he never tried, he never saw your needs, he knew it would have to change and he too helped make this paticular change. I'm there with ya chick.

Still just me said...

On top of what Wendy said, remember he didn't even try to straighten up for you.

I say just get your stuff and leave all the old shit behind.

Butchie the Minx said...

Peavey. LOL