Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lady's And Genitals....

Hey it mid afternoon just got off the phone with Ryan, that make my whole fucking day. but on another note. I found a old CD of mine that is from a really happy time of my past. a few songs on it are:

Everything I do, I do for you
Hanging by a moment
All or Nothing
In the End
Thank you
My Sacrifice
Inside Out
Every Breath You Take
I Could Fall in Love With You
south park skit
It's Been Awhile
Chop Suey

It's nice to look back a memories and not have to grimace. I remember being loved then and not being changed to fit into someone else idea of who i am suppose to be. FUCK THAT SHIT!!!!! I liked who i was before i moved. i don't really know who the FUCK i am now. I remember being strong, loving with out remorse *not in a sexual way*, and talking to who ever i FUCKing feel like it. I liked it when i did not have to pull teeth to fucking go out dancing.

I am stopping my censoring, if you can't FUCKING tell. I am putting it down how ever if fucking comes out. hahahaha hehehehe. Trust me its going to get a whole lot more interesting. Welcome to the Dark side. For we have cookies and beer!!!!!!!

Talk to you all later.

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